Oct 22 2014

Strong and Free

Today our nation lost a soldier. A man dedicated to protecting and serving our country. And today a family lost a father, a son, a brother, a cousin, a nephew. Friends lost a pal to laugh with and confide in. Animals lost an owner to feed them and love them. In the grand scheme of things maybe the life of one man who got up in the morning and put on a uniform and did his duty just like any other day doesn’t seem like much. But it should, because it is huge. Where once he shone a light in his unique way, now there is a void left behind, and all who call themselves a member of mankind feel that void.

Thank you, Cpl. Nathan Cirillo, for serving our country. Thank you for being a father, a son, a brother, a cousin, a nephew, a friend, and a pet owner. Thank you for being you.

And to end, a great quote: “But I hope most of all that you understand that even though I will never meet you, laugh with you, cry with you, or kiss you, I love you. With all my heart, I love you.”

Aug 23 2012

Dear Frankie

Hello folks,

My latest release, Dear Frankie, is now available for sale via www.lulu.com/shop

It will also be available to buy via your regular online booksellers within a few weeks.

BUT if you buy it from lulu I receive a better cut of the profits AND you get 5% off.

I’d also like to let you know I’ll be placing a large order of books based on interest to sell to my family/friends which is an awesome way for you to buy my book but not pay shipping. 

So let me know at kaysuggett@gmail.com if you want in on that.

Please also take your time to look at the new “Dear Frankie” tab of this website. 

Thanks and as always,

 Embrace Truth,


Oct 18 2011


You know about space trains right?  They are wholly uninteresting affairs that go whizzing from one planet to another carrying all those souls who are so unfortunate as to not own their own spacecraft.  That means they are full mostly of shabby, dull, boring, angry beings who write nasty things on the walls like “I hope your mother ate a Glucofuster!”

If you don’t know what a Glucofuster is you’d better not ask anyone.  It is a horribly horrible word and should not be uttered, even if only to ask what it means.

So space trains really are quite pathetic.  The only redeeming factor about a space train is the horn.  They have such wonderful horns that sing such lovely songs that blare out into the universe at top volume.  The stars have been known to, on occasion, wear their earmuffs when a space train is passing by just to deafen the noise, they are that loud.  But the rest of space’s inhabitants quite enjoy a good loud train honk.

Why all this nonsense about space trains you ask?  What about Lara and Rune and Rhett Blat you ask?  You think I forgot all about them, don’t you?  Well, if you continue to have such little faith in my narration skills I will have to write something truly nasty into existence for you.  You wouldn’t like that would you?  I could write that you stub your toe, or get a nose bleed, or get dumped!  So just watch yourself and show a bit more gratefulness or you might find a whole bunch of calamities just waiting for you.

I bring up the trains, you see, because the noise that saves Lara and Rune just so happens to be that of a space train horn.  In case you forgot, which you probably did, we left them last in suspended animation, with Rune attempting to stop Lara from disabling the thrust of his spacecraft.  So let’s get back to them, shall we?

Right… and three, two one…

Lara had her hand poised above the large red button labelled “DO NOT PUSH” and Rune was running for his life (quite literally) to stop her.  Her hand was inching closer and closer by the second, and her face had a rather stupid, gleeful, mad look to it.  Rune’s face looked white and green and he was very nearly throwing up his breakfast.

“Stop, you stupid woman, stop!”  Rune called out.

Lara just laughed maniacally and continued her pursuit of the button.  She was simply sure that she had gone off the deep end and was in a strange psychotic hallucination.  Pushing a red button that said “DO NOT PUSH” seemed like a great idea.

Just before she managed to deploy the button the most unusual sound blared suddenly in her ear and caused her to pause.  It was the sound of a loud horn singing the tune of “Baby it’s Cold Outside”.  Rune, too heard the tone, but it did not give him any pause as he’d been hearing space train horns all his life.  Instead he lunged at Lara and toppled her to the ground with a loud thud.

Now, you’re probably thinking “Oh how cute, now they’re going to be all awkward and stare into each other’s eyes and thus begins their love affair.”  But there you are entirely wrong!

For at that exact moment Rune’s ship was pulled suddenly by the tractor beam of Blat’s ship and the extra momentum caused him to land much harder than he expected, thereby pretty much flattening Lara completely.  The resulting impact meant that Lara was knocked unconscious and it was only then that she finally realized she was still completely sane.  She was rather upset by this revelation because that meant that she was stuck on a spaceship with a klutz of a man who wore a towel around his neck.  That was her last thought before the peace of a concussion took her.

Rune swore loudly and profusely using every word he could think of and then ran back to his controls.  ”Computer, what the hell is happening?”

The computer, having not forgiven him for his earlier insolence simply refused to answer.  Instead, it posted an image of a rather rude gesture.

It was Blat’s turn to laugh maniacally as he prepared himself to board the ship he now had in his grasp.  It was perhaps his favourite part of being a pirate other than the towels – his entrance.  It was so much fun to board a ship with pirate-y ire and scary words and brandish a sword about as if he knew how to use it.

When The Golly Golly Frump Jumper was near enough Blat attached his own ship to it and boarded it by means of a very ingenious device called a Tube-U-Porter. The Tube-U-Porter was, as the name suggests, a tube.  But a special tube that stretches from one ship, attaches itself to another, and creates a doorway in any previously solid wall, the practical upshot of which is that if you are a fierce towel pirate like Blat you can board any ship you want to in any way you want to.

Blat took advantage of this fact and attached his Tube-U-Porter to the main cabin of The Golly Golly Frump Jumper.  He slid down the tube (allowing himself a rather giddy girlish “whee!” on the way down) and did a somersault through the air, thrashing his mighty pirate sword and landing with a very hearty and gruff, “YAR!”

“I’m here to steal yer towels, matey, and if you try to stop me I’ll cut you from nose to toes!”  He brandished his sword again and looked to see the effect his scary pirate moves were having.  Sadly for Blat, however, there was no one in the main cabin.  He sighed deeply and said, “Now where the toodlefrists is the owner of this ship?” (Toodlefrists being quite the nastiest word Blat could think of at that moment, even though it only rates as about a six on the Yuiloploh Chart of Nasty Words To Use in Zero Space)

Quite curiously at the same moment there was a different person on Blat’s ship at that exact moment wondering just where he was.  But we’ll have to get to that next time.

To be continued…

Sep 25 2010

Animals With Souls

You know they say that animals don’t have souls, and therefore don’t go to heaven.

Perhaps this is true, but I have believed for a long time, and hold to it still, that animals are precious gifts from God to us.  I believe that everything God creates he creates in love and that when they die, they too return to their maker and see his loving face.

I also believe very strongly that our pets, those that we love and care for, do more for us than we do for them.

Today I say goodbye to a beloved family pet, Domino.  She was the most unexpected gift our family could ask for, showing up on a Father’s Day Sunday outside of church.  A cute little puppy with no home, she’d been left on the doorstep of a family that couldn’t handle a dog.

So we took her into our home and our hearts, thinking of how much fun a pet dog could be.

What we couldn’t imagine was how her kind and gentle spirit would encourage and uplift us.  She was a family dog, through and through, seeking always for harmony and peace.  She hated yelling and fighting and was a fierce protector.

So, maybe you don’t agree with me, but I think she was an angel.  I think she was sent to us from God himself to be a protector and a glue of sorts for our family.

She’s old and blind and confused now, but I think that we are not simply letting her die today, we are sending her back to God in the best way we can.  With dignity, love, respect, and thanks.

Domino was an angel, and her assignment with us is over.  She fulfilled her duty, and she closes her eyes today with great expectancy because the next time she opens them she will look into the face of her maker.  ”Well done, good and faithful servant.”

Where the angel goes to next and in what form, I cannot say.  All I can say is that I am ever so thankful that we were blessed with her for the time we were.

Domino, your message lingers on: love and peace.  Family and joy.  These are the things that matter.

Embrace Truth,

Kayleigh E. Suggett

Jul 17 2010


Tonight my good friend is flying in from Texas.  If I were to write a book about my life I think one part people would enjoy the most would be reading about my Texan friend.  I mean, in the book I just read “Eat, Pray, Love” one of my favourite parts had to do with Richard from Texas.  He called the main character “Groceries” because of the quantity of food she could eat.  But beyond that he just had that good ol’ southern no nonsense, strong, and somehow comforting personality.  I’m not saying all Southerners have it.  But it is a lot rarer up north here.  We’re a lot more up tight I’d say.

So I’m lucky to have  a Texan friend.  He says Texas is too hot and he laughs at their drawls.  He came up here for school and loved it so much he wants to stay.  For some reason our government hasn’t seen fit to let him live here yet… but I am confident that one day our lives will all be a little richer and a little more southern because he will return.  And there will be much feasting on bacon and pies.

I feel like it’s not really fair to mention my Texas pal without giving a little nod to my other interesting friends too.  I wasn’t that fortunate with friends growing up.  I had a friend here and there, but nobody stuck.  Nobody had that loyalty and love that is able to stand the test of time.

I managed to come out of high school with a Texan friend… and a few others.  To give you a preview in case I do decide one day to write memoirs (if my life is ever that interesting that people would want to read about… which hasn’t happened as of yet).

There is of course, the one I married.  Slightly socially inept and conservative when we met, he’s now got the ambition to become a police officer.  Maybe he still doesn’t do things the way most people would, but he’s changed from a boy willing to fit into a predetermined mould into a man with the strength and ambition to follow his own path.

There is my musical buddy.  I remember meeting him in the eighth grade and thinking he was a bit odd and definitely a nerd (I am ashamed to say!).  But time has a way of revealing people to you.  Now he is my tie to everything musical.  We get together to learn covers (Matthew Good anyone?) and are attempting to write our own stuff.  I don’t want to be overly mushy in case my friends actually read this, but I am so grateful and blessed by his musical gifts and his interesting insights.  We may not always agree, but we have a sort of blind understanding, if that makes sense.

There is the lesbian.  Truth be told I had no idea she was gay when we met.  I was probably the most naive person on the planet when it came to her – or maybe my gaydar just wasn’t developed yet.  I never get to see her anymore, which makes me sad, because she is one of the funniest people I have ever known.  She has an eye for hilarity that I am always two steps behind on.  She taught me a whole lot about life and what it means to love.

There is my sister-in-law.  She is insane.  She’s very wise and always speaks her mind, which I really need in my life.  She is the one that saw an awkward 14 year old and decided to befriend me.  ”Kayleigh, you need eyeliner.”  In every way she was the big sister I never had (even though she claims I said I never wanted any sisters…).  She upholds me, my marriage, and my family and I love her to death for it.

There are new friends too.  Perhaps my most cherished new friend is simply a work friend.  My Mexican kitchen worker friend who calls me “Chula” and works with a quiet dignity and respect that I admire.  He is an artist, he tells me, and I keep bugging him to show me his work.  Perhaps one day I will have one of his paintings in my home.  I would enjoy seeing him outside of work, but have not decided yet what the best way to do this would be.  But that doesn’t really matter right now.  He is a bright spot in my day and I am very thankful for that.

This indeed sounds like a cast of characters, proving that the best stories are often from real life.  I have many more friends, of course, many more people who have touched my life, but these are the few I wanted to touch on tonight.  Perhaps I was feeling sentimental, or maybe it was that it was a beautiful summer night and I was longing for my friends so I could go out and enjoy it with someone.  In any case, know I love you all.

This was rather a random post as I just sat down and decided it was time for a new blog.  I didn’t know what I would write.  But you were on my thoughts.

Embrace Truth,

Kayleigh E. Suggett

On nights like tonight

When no one’s around

I sit in the dark on my hands on the ground

And I smile like I used to

When you were around.

—Matthew Good—

Jun 26 2010

Grace via the Sunterra Kitchen

Tonight I had a man come into Sunterra to purchase dinner.  And then a muffin.  He asked me, like so many people, if I went to school when I wasn’t working at the store.  I told him, no, I am a struggling writer.  I was expecting the usual response of a bit of interest and then a casual “good luck.”  Instead I got a much more in depth conversation that I was not expecting.

He noticed that I was wearing a cross pendant and asked if I was a Christian.  I told him, yes I am.  He then told me, very matter of fact, to pray for divine appointments.  He said, “Pray everyday for divine appointments and then just watch for them.  And be bold to ask.  We get what we pray for, and we don’t realize it or believe it the way we should.”

I was astounded.  I was touched.  I was just simply so grateful for that divine appointment!  I seriously felt so blessed and loved that God would send a man to Sunterra on a sunny Saturday night, when we weren’t too busy with a message for me.  ”Pray.  Constantly.  Urgently.  Believe.”

Because you know what?  It was exactly what I needed to hear.  Sure I pray.  I ask God to bless my writing, I ask him to guide my work, I ask him to open doors when the time is ready.  But I never ever thought of praying for divine appointments.  To be connected to the people I need to be connected to.  It is a beautiful idea, and call me dense, but it really never occurred to me before.

He gave me some other tips on getting my work out there – and some ideas of things to watch for in the future, but it was really what he said about praying that struck me.

So there, after the man had returned to his table, I took a small moment in the dish pit to thank God for him.

I am blown away by the grace of these types of moments, and I think that too often I am too busy or uncomfortable to seek them out.

“Hello Kayleigh, it’s God here…. did you know I love you?”

Message received.

Embrace Truth,

Kayleigh E. Suggett

May 23 2010

Where do you fight?

The question was raised in church last week “what in your life, do you feel this all-out, fight to the death kind of intensity for?”

My thoughts immediately went to my work.  My stories.  The way I write.

I have been afraid in the past that some of what I write may be too dark or delve into topics that others will not understand or want to read about.  I’ve been afraid of offending people.  Not the general public.  But those closest to me.

I know for a fact that the very presence of the word “fuck” in my manuscripts will cause a few eyebrows raised.  The fact that there is sex, drugs, a total lack of faith, and a few phrases that are quite clearly blasphemous will make some people look at me and wonder.  Wonder how a “good Christian” could write that.

But I feel that I have to.  I feel that to change anything in these scenes would to take the reality away from them.  The reality is that we don’t live in a nice little Christian story where everyone gets saved at the end and no one swears and everyone does the right thing.  And I cannot and WILL not be one of those writers that just wants to write a nice little story.

I believe that my stories are my calling in life.  I believe that they do not come from me at all, but that they are a gift from God and my job is simply to honour that gift and write them down.  Truthfully.  With honesty.  With fear and trembling.  With an all out fight.

You see, I’ve been tempted in the past to “church” them up a bit.  Change that “goddamn” to something else when I clearly know that’s what the character would have said.  Do I agree with taking the Lord’s name in vain?  No.  But I do know my character wouldn’t care.  He needs that kind of intensity.  So I changed it to “fucking” which I find less offensive.  The word fuck has never bothered me, nor does it bother most people these days.  I mean, sure out of respect we don’t use it, and I’m glad of this.  I think respect is a wonderful thing.  But that’s not the point.  The point is that the character, in that place in his life, in that moment, would have said “goddamn”.  It was one of the most vivid scenes given to me, so vivid I could have sworn I heard the character speak to me.  And I chickened out and changed it.  I will, of course, change it back.

But it got me thinking.  What risks am I willing to take?  Sure, there’s the risk of “will I find a publisher”?  But that’s a lame risk.  That’s not a risk at all, actually.  That’s just the business.  The risk is do I stay true to the story, or do I change it so as not to cause a ripple?  Do I fight for it, knowing where it came from, knowing that there will be a lot of “good Christians” out there that will call me all sorts of nasty things and never believe the truth of my story simply because they can’t see past the swear or the sex?  Do I, in essence, take the stand?

Then I look to Jesus.  He himself was unappreciated by his own family.  That is my model.  He fought to the death for what he believed even though he was called the devil’s servant.  But he delved into the grit.  He looked at the broken.  He realized that not everything could be solved with pretty story where all the ends get tied up nicely and if anyone does something questionable, it’s sort of glossed over so as not to offend.  In his stories people were beaten and killed.  Sons went out and spent money on whores.  His own death was not glossed over.  Nor should it be.

You see, my heroine, Madeliene L’Engle, was also called a heretic.  I don’t know where I’d be today if not for that woman’s wisdom.  It seems to me I can’t write a blog without mentioning her.  She was accused of writing books to disprove God, when she was actually doing the exact opposite.  People called her books pornographic even though she wrote them from the heart from what she knew was God’s truth.  She said that some people are simply looking for evil.  ”What are we looking for?”  She asks.  When we look for evil we find it, just like the people who didn’t bother to read her stories, and instead counted every word they thought was inappropriate.  If they had bothered to read her stories, they might have been transformed, as I have been.

Her stories have uplifted, healed, carried, and taught me.  Her stories have healed wounds I thought could never heal.  If she refused to be honest, to be brutal, to be true, I would never have been blessed as I have been.

I’m not saying that my stories rival hers, but I do believe that I was called to be a story teller.  And a story teller that refuses to be honest to the story is a liar.  She said, “Story is truth”.  And I like to think, and in a way that I hope is truly humble, I believe, that my stories WILL impact others the way hers impacted me.  I do believe there is a capacity for healing in my stories.

So there it is.  Maybe it’s not the fight to the death that most people imagine, but in my case, this is my fight.  And I’ve got to face it with the on the edge intensity it requires.  In the end, it really is life or death because this is my life’s calling.  This is what I was made for.  And if it is who I am, it is every part of my relationship with my creator and therefore my faith.

How can I put “Stories about Life, Truth, and Love” as my slogan if I refuse to be truthful?

Embrace truth,

Kayleigh E. Suggett

Apr 29 2010


I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately.  I just sit here and think.  Or I hop in a nice hot bath.  The bath has to be the best place to get ideas.  It’s warm, it’s relaxing, and there are no distractions whatsoever.  I can let my mind wander as I play with water droplets that sit on the tops of my knees.  I can let the ideas come to me instead of forcing them.  So I’ve been doing a lot of that and it’s great.  But it means I have very little to show for myself and for some reason this bothers me.

I think it is because we are such a “results” driven society.  And results mean something concrete.  ”How many pages did you write?”  ”How long did it take you?”  I need to learn to not let this bother me and to just be.  Madeleine L’Engle was the queen of this.  Sure, she was an advocate of hard work – you have to work with your gifts or you lose them.  But she understood that sometimes our gifts require room to breathe – to reveal themselves to us.  We can’t force our gifts; we have to allow them to expand and just simply be.  She often wrote of just taking an afternoon to walk along the stream, or taking an hour or so to sit on her star-watching rock.

Somehow it’s easy to forget this.

I want a publisher.  I want to write another book.  I want to put in this many hours.  I want to write this many pages.  In short, I want to quantify my calling and my gifts.  I want to measure my success.  I want to feel like I’ve done something instead of being satisfied with the gift I have been given and just allowing the rest to follow.

I was watching the tail end of “Surf’s Up” last night.  I’ve been watching it over the las few nights, but I seem to fall asleep before it ends.  Anyhow, there is the scene when all the surfers are describing the feeling of being “in the tube” of the wave.  How intoxicating it is and how they just can’t wait to get there again.  And Cody asks “How many points would I get for riding the tube?”  Big Z says “Nah, you’re missing the point.”

He doesn’t tell us what the point is, but we get it.  The point is simply being in the tube.  Experiencing it.  And I thought, that’s what my writing needs to be.  I need to be intoxicated with just doing it and everything else is immaterial.

Does that mean I give up on my search for a publisher?  No.  But it means that I don’t have to quantify everything.  I don’t have to have a deadline.  These things are not the point.  The point is simply to be available for what story may need to be written.  Everything else is merely a wonderful bonus.

I’d like to encourage all of you to look at your gifts, and even your jobs this way.  In a more, more, more society, we could all do with a little peace and a feeling of worth that is not attached to a result.

I’d like to share my story ideas with you, but I have never liked doing this.  I feel that if I share my ideas before they are fully developed, I somehow cheat them of their full potential.  Suffice to say I am always working on something, I may not be able to tell you what that is, but I am working on it.  ”What are you working on right now?”  People ask me.  Perhaps I should just answer “A book.”  ”What kind of a book?”  ”Whichever one comes to me.”

Embrace Truth,


Apr 13 2010


Okay, just an update for you:

Chapters in Chinook is no longer carrying my book as my consignment term is up.  If you or anyone you know wants to buy it you can get it through me directly, or through your favourite online book sellers.  Chaptersidigo.ca still carries the book as well.

Update number two is that Arthur A. Levine decided to reject my manuscript.  I believe that’s rejection #8.

I’ve been doing a lot more research on publishers as well, for my trilogy as well as for my next book, which I am not saying much about at this time.  I’ve got a few WIPs (work in progress) on the go to0.

To close, my cat has now decided to sit on my lap, making the use of this laptop rather difficult.  Apparently he thinks he’s more important than you.

Embrace Truth,


Mar 13 2010

Another one

Another rejection letter for me from Mountainland Publishing.  I think this is my 7th one.  If I were a guy trying to ask a hot girl out, I’d have given up long ago.

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