Oct 25 2009

You fight like a dairy farmer!

I’m afraid there isn’t much news to give you.  I just wanted to pop in and write a little something for those of you that might check in now and then.  I was just at a killer concert on Friday night for a band called “Friends of Otis”.  They are some really talented musicians and their songs are about more than just sex and money.  So if you’re into some great music with lyrics with some intellect I’d check them out.

Other than that all I can do is to encourage you to ask  your friends to read my “In the Works” and comment on the above blog.  If you want more fiction from me, it’ll help!

I’m off to play some old school Lucas Arts game about Monkey Island.  I’m also going to be going out at some point and purchasing a bass guitar.  That’s my next great endeavor.  And, of course, I’m working on some ideas for my next book.  I’ve got at least four different story lines competing with each other for prevalence and I’m still not sure which one I need to see through at this time.

If you want to, you can amuse yourselves in the comments by arguing over the best genre of fiction and what you hope my next book’s genre will be.  I’d be interested to join in.  ALSO allowed is insults from any Monkey Island game.  I’ll get you started: “You fight like a dairy farmer!”

Go nuts.

Oct 19 2009

In the Works

New content appears beneath this post.

Please visit my “In the Works” tab to read about my upcoming work.  I am hoping to generate a lot of interest to help me find a publisher.  It would be helpful if you could go there, read the description, and then comment.

Oct 19 2009


Welcome to my new website!

You will notice that there is an author bio, a bit about my book, and a full first chapter!  I will be updating on this site as much as I can (or as often as I have something to update about!)  I look forward to your comments and hopefully this can be a great resource for you.

My blogs may also include the  odd poem or short piece of fiction, so stay tuned.

Again, welcome!  I hope to see a lot of you.

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