Feb 17 2010

The last publishers

Hello all!

I have finally managed to get my submissions off to these last few publishers.  Go on, check them out!  You know you want to.  You might come across a good book to read.  I know I have come across a few researching publishers.  Anyhow…. here’s hoping yet again:

Black Heron Press

Peachtree Publishers

Mountainland Publishing

Embrace Truth,

Kayleigh E. Suggett

Feb 7 2010

People in Glass Houses

I build my house of shining glass

of crystal


light, clear,


The wind blows

Sets my rooms to singing.

The sun’s bright rays

are not held back

but pour

their radiance through the rooms

in sparkles of delight.


And what, you ask, of rain

that leaves blurred muddy streaks

across translucent purity?

What, you ask,

of the throwers of stones?


Glass shatters,


sharp fragments pierce my flesh,

darken with blood.

The wind tinkles brittle splinters

of shivered crystal.

The stones crash through.


But never mind.

My house

My lovely shining

fragile broken house

is filled with flowers

and founded on a rock.


–Poem by Madeleine L’Engle from the book “The Ordering of Love”–

Feb 4 2010

January 2010 Submissions

So I finally had success at the 3rd post office I visited!  Well, a near-success.  You wouldn’t think it would be so hard to get a hold of International Reply Coupons, but apparently the majority of post office staff have never even heard of them.  I managed to find a rather well-informed woman today who was able to sell me five and ordered me the remaining two that I need.

That means that today I was FINALLY able to send off my manuscript to the following publishers:

Bancroft Press

Chronicle Books

Farrar, Straus, and Giroux Books for Young Readers

Arthur A. Levine Books

Here’s hoping one of them has good news for me.

I will post another blog with the rest of the publishers I am submitting to when I have actually mailed them out.

As per usual, your prayers and support are appreciated!

Embrace Truth,

Kayleigh E. Suggett

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