Jun 26 2010

Grace via the Sunterra Kitchen

Tonight I had a man come into Sunterra to purchase dinner.  And then a muffin.  He asked me, like so many people, if I went to school when I wasn’t working at the store.  I told him, no, I am a struggling writer.  I was expecting the usual response of a bit of interest and then a casual “good luck.”  Instead I got a much more in depth conversation that I was not expecting.

He noticed that I was wearing a cross pendant and asked if I was a Christian.  I told him, yes I am.  He then told me, very matter of fact, to pray for divine appointments.  He said, “Pray everyday for divine appointments and then just watch for them.  And be bold to ask.  We get what we pray for, and we don’t realize it or believe it the way we should.”

I was astounded.  I was touched.  I was just simply so grateful for that divine appointment!  I seriously felt so blessed and loved that God would send a man to Sunterra on a sunny Saturday night, when we weren’t too busy with a message for me.  ”Pray.  Constantly.  Urgently.  Believe.”

Because you know what?  It was exactly what I needed to hear.  Sure I pray.  I ask God to bless my writing, I ask him to guide my work, I ask him to open doors when the time is ready.  But I never ever thought of praying for divine appointments.  To be connected to the people I need to be connected to.  It is a beautiful idea, and call me dense, but it really never occurred to me before.

He gave me some other tips on getting my work out there – and some ideas of things to watch for in the future, but it was really what he said about praying that struck me.

So there, after the man had returned to his table, I took a small moment in the dish pit to thank God for him.

I am blown away by the grace of these types of moments, and I think that too often I am too busy or uncomfortable to seek them out.

“Hello Kayleigh, it’s God here…. did you know I love you?”

Message received.

Embrace Truth,

Kayleigh E. Suggett

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