Jul 26 2010

Short Story Saturdays/Sundays

I am thinking on embarking on a new exciting feature on my website, and I want to give you all a chance to tell me what you think of it.  Quite simply the idea I have is this: Short Story Saturdays/Sundays.  I say one or the other because as time allows I am not sure if it will be Saturday or Sunday.  What I propose is to write a short story every week to keep the creative juices flowing and to keep you, my readers, interested in my work.  I know it’s a long wait ahead for a publisher, and understandably you may not want to hang in there with nothing new.

Here’s the catch though, I’m not going to waste my time writing these stories if you won’t even bother to read them.  And if you read them you need to comment.  That’s the deal.

So be heard, here and now.  Do you want such a feature on this website?  Would you read the stories every week?  Would you comment?  If once a week seems like a bit much, would you be interested in Short Stories biweekly or perhaps a Short Story of the Month?

Your answers will depend on what I do, or if I do this at all.

As always:

Embrace Truth,

Kayleigh E. Suggett

Jul 17 2010


Tonight my good friend is flying in from Texas.  If I were to write a book about my life I think one part people would enjoy the most would be reading about my Texan friend.  I mean, in the book I just read “Eat, Pray, Love” one of my favourite parts had to do with Richard from Texas.  He called the main character “Groceries” because of the quantity of food she could eat.  But beyond that he just had that good ol’ southern no nonsense, strong, and somehow comforting personality.  I’m not saying all Southerners have it.  But it is a lot rarer up north here.  We’re a lot more up tight I’d say.

So I’m lucky to have  a Texan friend.  He says Texas is too hot and he laughs at their drawls.  He came up here for school and loved it so much he wants to stay.  For some reason our government hasn’t seen fit to let him live here yet… but I am confident that one day our lives will all be a little richer and a little more southern because he will return.  And there will be much feasting on bacon and pies.

I feel like it’s not really fair to mention my Texas pal without giving a little nod to my other interesting friends too.  I wasn’t that fortunate with friends growing up.  I had a friend here and there, but nobody stuck.  Nobody had that loyalty and love that is able to stand the test of time.

I managed to come out of high school with a Texan friend… and a few others.  To give you a preview in case I do decide one day to write memoirs (if my life is ever that interesting that people would want to read about… which hasn’t happened as of yet).

There is of course, the one I married.  Slightly socially inept and conservative when we met, he’s now got the ambition to become a police officer.  Maybe he still doesn’t do things the way most people would, but he’s changed from a boy willing to fit into a predetermined mould into a man with the strength and ambition to follow his own path.

There is my musical buddy.  I remember meeting him in the eighth grade and thinking he was a bit odd and definitely a nerd (I am ashamed to say!).  But time has a way of revealing people to you.  Now he is my tie to everything musical.  We get together to learn covers (Matthew Good anyone?) and are attempting to write our own stuff.  I don’t want to be overly mushy in case my friends actually read this, but I am so grateful and blessed by his musical gifts and his interesting insights.  We may not always agree, but we have a sort of blind understanding, if that makes sense.

There is the lesbian.  Truth be told I had no idea she was gay when we met.  I was probably the most naive person on the planet when it came to her – or maybe my gaydar just wasn’t developed yet.  I never get to see her anymore, which makes me sad, because she is one of the funniest people I have ever known.  She has an eye for hilarity that I am always two steps behind on.  She taught me a whole lot about life and what it means to love.

There is my sister-in-law.  She is insane.  She’s very wise and always speaks her mind, which I really need in my life.  She is the one that saw an awkward 14 year old and decided to befriend me.  ”Kayleigh, you need eyeliner.”  In every way she was the big sister I never had (even though she claims I said I never wanted any sisters…).  She upholds me, my marriage, and my family and I love her to death for it.

There are new friends too.  Perhaps my most cherished new friend is simply a work friend.  My Mexican kitchen worker friend who calls me “Chula” and works with a quiet dignity and respect that I admire.  He is an artist, he tells me, and I keep bugging him to show me his work.  Perhaps one day I will have one of his paintings in my home.  I would enjoy seeing him outside of work, but have not decided yet what the best way to do this would be.  But that doesn’t really matter right now.  He is a bright spot in my day and I am very thankful for that.

This indeed sounds like a cast of characters, proving that the best stories are often from real life.  I have many more friends, of course, many more people who have touched my life, but these are the few I wanted to touch on tonight.  Perhaps I was feeling sentimental, or maybe it was that it was a beautiful summer night and I was longing for my friends so I could go out and enjoy it with someone.  In any case, know I love you all.

This was rather a random post as I just sat down and decided it was time for a new blog.  I didn’t know what I would write.  But you were on my thoughts.

Embrace Truth,

Kayleigh E. Suggett

On nights like tonight

When no one’s around

I sit in the dark on my hands on the ground

And I smile like I used to

When you were around.

—Matthew Good—

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