Book Description

The following is a description of the book – please see the excerpt section for the first chapter of Two Small Stones!

The scene outside was that of complete chaos and horror. Small fires were burning here and there, and people were running everywhere. Screams tore through the wind as the village people scrambled to get away from the shoreline, which was racked with waves so large that Tunik did not believe it was possible. The wind was so strong that even though Tunik ran as fast as he could, he moved as slow as if he were walking.

Dapa Tunik is just settling down for the night with his beloved wife in his small pre-settlement village when a terrible storm hits. The whole village heads for the nearby caves for protection for the weather.  During a brief break in the storm, Tunik leaves the safety of the caves to seek out his good friend Naren who didn’t make it to the caves with the rest of his people.   Tunik and Naren are unable to return to the caves with the rest of their people before the storm returns with a vengeance and are forced to wait it out in Naren’s refuge.  When the two are able to emerge after weeks of solitude, they find that the aftermath of the storm has changed everything, and they must decide which path to take in order to rebuild their new lives.  As each struggles to find a reason for the devastation around them, they are forced to rely solely on each other, which causes them to grow closer and yet become more distant.  They are eventually drawn into a journey that will take them to a new home and perhaps a new hope in life, but their troubles are far from over.  Sickness, visions in blackness, and dreams of death await them.   But hope is waiting too, if they are willing to grasp it, if they are willing to look beyond the pain of this world into the hope of love.  The only question is, which side will they choose?  And will they choose soon enough?

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