Book Description

“Sometimes I wonder how we all survive. We’re all twisted up in this web of broken hearts. The people that feel so strongly connected to us we feel only a small strand of connection back. The people we try desperately to hold with as many threads as possible somehow break away from us.”

Lynn Doe’s story starts in an orphanage nestled in the Alberta plains in the 1930’s where life is simple, if not a little lonely. But when Lynn moves away from the orphanage and begins to wonder about the world around her she is thrown into an adventure that will eventually lead her to seek stardom and glamour in the city of Toronto.

Inspired by the tragic image of Marilyn Monroe, this memoir-style novel is at once achingly honest and believable. The story is propelled forward by the letters Lynn writes to Frankie, her only anchor in a life that starts to slip away from her even as she writes it down. Lynn encounters poor ruffians, rich executives, sly secretaries, focused artists, and everything in between as she runs after a dream that flickers against the darkness of reality.

As Lynn pours out her life through struggles, triumphs, friendships, loves, and heartaches, there is a sense of a question being asked – as every life asks a question – and an answer waiting, poignant in the background.

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