Excerpt #1

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The first excerpt is from Chapter 14: Soaring


“At ten o’clock that evening Hugh drove up in a very flashy roadster to pick Lynn up for the party. He got out to help Lynn in and she sat down very carefully so as not to wrinkle her best dress.

Hugh looked very handsome in his black tuxedo with his hair combed back out of his face. “So, this is your first party?” He said as they started to drive.

Lynn smiled and nodded. “Yes.” Normally she would have loved to ask a dozen questions before getting to a party but she didn’t want to do anything to upset Hugh so she sat silently and let him do the talking.

“Well, you’re going to want to look around a bit then. That’s fine. Just so long as we go in together, I don’t really care. You understand it’s a status thing? Don’t get me wrong, honey, you are gorgeous, but you’re just a costume girl. I can’t be going home with a costume girl. Hey, look at it this way, if you’re lucky you’ll go home with someone better too.”

Lynn didn’t answer that. Of course she was just another prop to be paraded around, but she didn’t really care because she was going to a party. She knew there was no way she was going home with anybody but herself because she’d had enough of that sort of business.

Hugh pulled up in front of a beautiful home with sparkling lights and enough green grass to make up a golf course. To Lynn it looked like a palace, but she imagined it was just usual for people with money to live in giant houses. Hugh guided her regally from the car and in through the double doors that were spread open.

The inside of the palace was decorated in crystal and white furniture. It had a high ceiling and red carpets upon beautiful stone floors. Once inside Hugh got Lynn a drink and paraded her around for a while before disappearing to chat with a gorgeous actress.

Lynn didn’t mind being left alone; she took her time to wander about the main hall and then was guided by the sound of music to a ballroom where people were dancing and drinking champagne. She noticed the sly glances of women as she walked by and heard them whispering about her after she passed. She’d never seen women be jealous of other women, but that was definitely what this was about. She heard one woman telling her friend that she was going to grab her husband and leave early before Lynn had a chance to steal him away. Never mind that Lynn had no intention of stealing anyone.

She was asked to dance by many men, but found that she had little if nothing to speak to them about. They all wanted to get her more drinks and parade her about, pretending like they owned her. She found them dull with their bragging about how many cars they owned and where they lived. A few of them dropped hints about taking her home, but she played dumb, and they eventually retreated.

There was a giant mirror around the ballroom and Lynn caught sight of herself in it and paused to look. She’d never before looked as she did tonight with her ruby red lips, dark lashes, reddish hair pinned gently up, and a lovely green dress she had bought a few weeks earlier that hugged all of her curves.

She felt and looked like a star even if she wasn’t, and she found, looking in that mirror, that she knew she was meant for this: to be beautiful and watched and admired. She had a sense that she really didn’t belong to anyone, not even herself, because she was meant to belong to everyone. It was a sense only, and it quickly passed when another young man asked her to dance, but she never forgot it.”

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